5 useful tips for Gluten Free Dining at restaurants

Ok, eating out with an allergy can be a terrifying experience! You have to read every inch of the menu to find something you can eat, then you have to make sure there isn’t any cross-contamination, then you feel guilty for being “THAT” person, and lastly you have to deal with all the peer pressure and temptation of your friends eating your favorite foods that you can’t have… No Wonder You Are Here!!

Let me tell you, before I got diagnosed with Celiac Disease, my family ate out almost every night. I loved it! But after I got diagnosed, it wasn’t so fun. I didn’t know what to eat, and I didn’t want to be “THAT” person, so I ended up just getting food that I had no desire to eat. After a bit of research and a bit more experience I was able to branch out more, and eat foods that I actually loved… and this brings me to today’s post. These are my top 5 tips when eating out with Celiac Disease and gluten allergies.

Research the Menu Before You Go

If you don’t take anything else in this post to heart, please just remember this. Research before you go out to eat. Almost every restaurant will have an online menu containing all of their dishes. Familiarize yourself with this, so that when you get there you are not stressing over what to get.

Go With Supportive Friends or Family

Tip number 2 is to go out to eat with supportive friends, family, or both! It is inevitable when you go out to eat with an allergy or intolerance of any kind, that you will need more attention. You may need to ask questions, speak to managers, or wait longer for your food, and that is OK! Go with a group of people who understand this, and who will not get irritated when this happens, but instead be patient and try to help!!

Let Your Waiter/Waitress Know

Listen, I know it can be intimidating to speak up and let them know, especially when you are new to the whole thing, but you NEED to do it. I cannot tell you how many times I have been to scared to speak up, only to find out after I had ordered that the restaurant had a specialized gluten free menu! Celiac Disease and gluten allergies are becoming more common everyday. You would be pleasantly surprised by how much servers actually know about gluten allergies. Let them know!! They might be able to prevent you from accidentally ingesting it, which we all know is a big win!

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Most people with allergies, intolerances, or Celiac Disease refuse to ask questions they may have. They think it will make things more difficult for the server, or they don’t want to be singled out among their friends, but this isn’t true! Answering questions is what the staff is there for! If you are not 100% sure that something is gluten free, then please ask. I would rather ask and know for sure, then get glutened and spend the rest of the night hurting. Also if you followed Tip #2, then your friends will not care, they will be more than happy to let you take your time, because they know how important this is.

Keep Calm and Enjoy!!

Eating out is always stressful with Celiac Disease, but you just have to remember to stay calm and enjoy yourself. Going to a restaurant is supposed to be a fun! Don’t let this stop you from going out with your friends and having a great time!!

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