Gluten Free Options at Fast Food Chains

Lets be honest… We all love fast food! The mouth-watering burgers, the warm salty fries, or the extra large milkshake is enough to make you crave it over and over again. But eating fast food can be really hard if you’re trying to stick to a gluten free diet. Most people get really overwhelmed when looking at the menu for safe options, but I’m here to make this process a little easier! Down below are 5 of the most popular fast food chains and all of their gluten free options!

Now before you get too excited… Please be aware of one very important thing called cross contamination. Cross contamination is where an item that contains wheat touches or cooks into an item otherwise considered “gluten free.” For example, fries are naturally GF, but when they are cooked in the same frying oil as fried chicken they are no longer considered “safe” for those with an intolerance or allergy. Since fast food is all about efficiency and speed, the cross contamination on surfaces and cooking appliances are almost guaranteed. So, just remember to be thoughtful about this next time you go through a drive-thru!

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  1. Yogurt Parfait (no granola)
  2. Grilled Chicken Salad (only at certain stores)
  3. A La Carte order of Eggs, Sausage, Ham, Beef patty, or Grilled Chicken
  4. Apple slices
  5. Ice Cream with Fudge, Caramel, or Strawberry Sauce
  6. Shakes and frappes ( not oreo)


(Chick-Fil-A is the only fast food chain that I personally feel safe eating from. They cook their fries in separate oil, have a wide selection, and are very accommodating towards allergies!)


  1. A La Carte order of Grilled Chicken, Eggs, Bacon, or Sausage
  2. Fruit Cup
  3. Hashbrowns
  4. Yogurt Parfait (no granola)


  1. Grilled Nuggets
  2. Fries
  3. Salads w/ Grilled Chicken ( ask for no Croutons or Nuts)
  4. Milkshakes ( not oreo)
  5. Ask your local chain about Gluten Free Buns


Make sure to have the workers change their gloves before handling to prevent cross contamination

  1. All Meats except (Teriyaki Chicken and Meatballs)
  2. Broccoli and Cheddar soup
  3. Vegetable soup
  4. All Veggies


  1. Salads w/ Grilled Chicken ( No croutons or Nuts)
  2. Chili
  3. Baked Potatoes
  4. A la carte order of Hamburger patty or Grilled Chicken
  5. Frostys

Taco Bell

  1. Power Menu Bowl
  2. Tacos (corn or dorritos shell)
  3. A la carte order of beans, rice, or beef
  4. Chips w/ Guacamole or Pico de Gallo
  5. Spicy Tostada

* Taco Bell does not claim gluten free on any of their menu items…

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