Multi-purpose Gluten Free pie crust

Raise a hand if you have ever tried making a gluten-free dessert and failed miserably! My two hands are held up high! It is no secret that gluten-free baking can be a challenge. Gluten is a very important aspect of baking. It is what gives goods their texture and elasticity. Think of your favorite piece of bread… warm, fluffy, chewy… that is the result of all the gluten found in the flour. That is why most gluten free baked goods have a gummy texture. All of this to say that gluten-free baking is evidently harder than if you were to just use normal flour. Finding that perfect texture to resemble your favorite desserts is a bit more time consuming, but never fear! I have gone through all the trouble for you and created this masterpiece! My favorite multi-purpose pie crust (gluten free of course) is easy to make and really elevates any recipe. Don;t believe me? Try it for yourself!!

Tips for making the perfect dough..


If I didn’t make it clear enough… cold! One of the main reasons why this crust turns out so amazing is that my ingredients and dough are cold! One of the hardest parts about rolling out gluten-free dough is that it falls apart. Since there is no gluten to hold it together, most dough can’t be thinly rolled (which is essential for pies, galletes, and much more)! When you have cold ingredients it comes together much easier, and is much more manageable than if they are warm. Make sure your butter and water are extremely cold, the colder the better.

2) Use a food processor

Although this is not necessary, it makes all the difference! Not only does it cut the prep time immensely, it creates a much better quality dough. When you knead it by hand, your body heat affects the temperature (remember COLD COLD COLD). The dough will come together in a ball all by itself when you pulse it in the processor, which saves so much time! If you do not have one, then you can just knead by hand. Just make sure to put the dough back in the freezer afterward until it is super cold!


Since this dough is multi-purposeful, you can make it sweet or savory! It works well for both! I use the sweet one for pies, galettes, and crumble toppings. And I use the savory one for chicken-pot-pie and other things of that sort! Just add the following ingredients to your dough to customize your crust!


  • 3 tbsp of powdered sugar
  • 2 tbsp of cinnamon (optional)


  • 1/2 tbsp of garlic
  • 1 tsp of pepper
  • 1/4 tbsp salt
  • any spices you want! (make it your own!)

Now what you’ve been waiting for…

Foolproof Gluten Free Pie Crust

Serving size: 1 Pie Crust

Prep Time: 15 min

Total Time: minimum 2 hrs 15 min


  • 2 1/4 Cup gluten free all-purpose flour blend
  • 1 Cup (two sticks) cold butter
  • 8-10 Tbsps ice water
  • Optional: 3 Tbsp powdered sugar


  1. Cut cold butter into cube sized pieces and place in food processor along with flour and sugar (if wanted)
  2. Pulse until the butter is in pea sized chunks
  3. Add in the cold water and pulse until the dough sticks to itself and forms a ball… add in more water if needed
  4. Take out the ball of dough and separate into 2 pieces
  5. Wrap each piece in plastic wrap and place in fridge for a minimum of 2 hrs

To make Crust:

  1. Sprinkle gluten free flour over a flat, clean surface!
  2. Take the 2 pieces of dough and roll them out into flat, thin layers!
  3. Take a pie tin and place the first layer on the bottom and use the second layer on top!
  4. Bake according to the pie instructions!
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